Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PEAKS Performing - OUM Senior Managers Development Program - Module 3

Selected Seniors Managers of Open University Malaysia have gathered again at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in KL on 27 and 28 February to attend their 3rd of a series of 5 trainings developed and presented by Potential Plus Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.

Mr. Moses Teh the key trainer of Potential Plus warmed up the participants as usual with lots of his experience sharing

Listening to one of the presentations

The topic for this session was "Selecting the Best from the rest". The objective of this 3rd training was to develop senior managers of OUM in hiring the best from the industry through competency-based recruitment and selection.

Hj Izanee and Puan Munaliz preparing the presentation for the group

AP Janet Woo presenting on behalf of her group members

As usual, the training starts with a re-cap of previous training of the first 2 modules. Module 1 is about the difference between a manager and a leader in the new millennium where participants were drawn to the terms being success and being significant. Module 2 is about PEAKS (Purpose, Energy, Affirmation, Knowledge and Sustainability) DNA profiling of participants and the secret of motivation.

Puan Ruzita presenting on behalf of her group members

Participants were divided into three groups and each group were assigned to re-cap what have been learned during the previous two training sessions. Each group was then asked to present their findings.

... more to come

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pendaftaran Pelajar Baru Program SMP Ambilan Khas Januari 2012 @ OUM Perak

Pengarah OUM Perak, Dr. Richard Ng, sedang menyampaikan taklimat pada mahasiswa dan mahasiswi baru OUM

Pada 26 Feb 2012, lebih dari 400 orang guru yang telah berjaya ditawarkan program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pengajaran (SMP) di bawah program PPG Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia telah hadir di Hotel Heritage Ipoh sejak jam 8pg lagi.

Mereka adalah dikalangan 5,200 guru sekolah rendah diseluruh Malaysia yang telah ditawarkan untuk belajar di bawah program ini di Open University Malaysia.

Sebahagian dari para guru yang hadir untuk mendengar taklimat dan pendaftaran

Taklimat mengenai program ini telah dijalankan oleh Pengarah Open University Malaysia cawangan Perak iaitu Dr. Richard Ng. Beliau menjelaskan kaedah belajar di OUM serta peraturan yang digunapakai di OUM.

En. Faizal dari BPG sedang menyampaikan taklimat

Turut hadir Encik Faizal Mohd Noh, Penolong Pengarah BPG dan Encik Shamsahashimi Harun, Pengarah Unit Latihan Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perak.

Program SMP-PPG ini adalah di bawah tajaan Kerajaan Malaysia di bawah Rancangan Malaysia ke 10 bagi mengsiswazahkan lebih dari 50% guru sekolah rendah.

Encik Faizal Mohd Noh telah memberi taklimat mengenai tawaran program ini serta syarat tajaan dan Perjanjian Penajaan pada semua guru-guru yang hadir. Beliau menasihatkan guru-guru supaya bersyukur kepada kerajaan atas tajaan ini dan mengingatkan mereka bahawa wang tajaan datang dari cukai yang dibayar rakyat. Beliau mengingatkan agar mengorbankan sedikit masa untuk 4 tahun sehingga berjaya mendapat segulung ijazah.

Encik Shamsahashimi Harun turut menyampaikan nasihat pada guru-guru sekalian

Selepas itu Encik Shamsahashimi Harun berucap ringkas dengan menasihatkan guru sekalian supaya menggunakan peluang keemasan ini bagi melengkapkan diri dengan ilmu pengetahuan. Di samping itu beliab juga menasihatkan agar guru-guru sentiasa kekalkan disiplin semasa belajar di OUM.

Ikrar pelajar

Ikrar pelajar

Pendaftaran Pelajar dan Pengambilam Modul

Pendaftaran Pelajar dan Pengambilam Modul

Taklimat tamat jam 12.30ptg dan disusuli dengan pendaftaran pelajar. Semua pelajar yang berjaya didaftarkan diberi modul pembelajaran yang disediakan OUM. Kelas tutorial pertama akan bermula pada 3 Mac 2012.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Students flock to outlets to use up RM200 government aid - The Star

Feb 2, 2012

BOOKSTORES at shopping malls in Ipoh were packed to the brim as students rushed to use their 1Malaysia RM200 book vouchers during the Chinese New Year break.

Most of them were buying books at the last minute, having waited for the book assistance to be issued by the Government.

The aid, which was announced in Budget 2012 by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak last year, is aimed at helping students in institutions of higher learning and Form Six to purchase books.

Among those buying books for her course before the start of the semester was Open University Malaysia student M. Santha.

“I wanted to get my books today but the bookstore does not have them and it is so crowded here,” she told The Star when buying books at the Popular Bookstore at Kinta City Shopping Centre.

The 29-year-old Human Resources management student added that it was inconvenient having to find items to buy to make up for the amount of each voucher.

“They should have given us vouchers in smaller denominations of RM10 instead of RM50.

“We have to find items to buy to make up the RM50 or sacrifice the unused balance,” she said.

Santha’s coursemate Norul Hayani Mat Saad, 25, said they should be given leeway to buy other study materials besides books with the vouchers.

“Students’ expenses are not limited to books. There are so many other things that we need which are a financial burden. The Government should consider subsidising a part of our semester fees as it will greatly benefit everyone, especially parents who are paying for their children’s education,” Norul Hayani said, noting that it was a long-term solution.

Other students like Lau Kee Wah, 24, were seen buying storybooks instead of academic books with their book vouchers at the MPH Bookstore.

“I have no choice. The books I need for my course are not available in Ipoh,” said the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia computer science student, who is based in Skudai, Johor.

“Since there is nothing else for me to buy now, I spent one RM50 voucher on a storybook,” he said.

Lau, however, said he appreciated the Government’s efforts to help students like himself.

“I spend about RM500 on academic books each semester and as such the vouchers will help cover almost half the cost.

He, however, said the expiry date of the vouchers should not be March 31.

“The date should be extended to give us more time to carefully consider how to spend the vouchers wisely,” he said.