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Pendaftaran Pelajar Baru Program SMP Khas ambilan Sept 2011

Pada semua cikgu-cikgu yang telah berjaya ditawarkan untuk mengikuti program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pengajaran (SMP) di Open University Malaysia (OUM), kami ucapkan syabas dan setinggi-tinggi tahniah.

Cikgu-cikgu yang bakal mengikuti program mereka di Perak akan berdaftar di OUM Perak seperti ketetapan berikut:

Tarikh: 1 Oktober 2011
Masa: 8.30pg
Tempat: Pusat Pembelajaran Perak, Jln Lim Bo Seng, Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-2546006

Peta lokasi Pusat Pendaftaran adalah seperti di bawah: (Sila klik pada gambar untuk melihat imej yang besar).

Aturcara Pendaftaran adalah seperti berikut:

8.00pg - 8.30pg - Ketibaan pelajar dan Tayangan Video Korporat OUM

8.30pg - 8.35pg - Bacaan Doa

8.35pg - 10.00pg - Taklimat Oleh Pengarah OUM Perak

10.00pg - 10.30pg - Sarapan Pagi

10.30pg - 12.30tgh - Taklimat dari Pegawai BPG

12.30tgh - 12.40tgh - Taklimat Prosidur Pendaftaran

12.40tgh - Pendaftaran dan Pengambilan Modul

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

PEAKS Performance (Module 2) Training for Senior Management staff of Open University Malaysia

Posted by Richard Ng

The much eagerly awaited PEAKS Performance Training on Module 2 was attended by 23 senior staff of Open University Malaysia on 21st and 22nd September 2011. It was held at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Module 2 touched on Self Discovery and Personal Leadership whereby participants were required to take a psychometric profiling test developed by Dr. Shirley Lim. It was a 270-item survey to find out the DNA leadership profile of each participant with a reliability of 0.86 to 0.92.

The first half day started with a review of what was learned during the last training on Module 1 and how each participant has applied what was learned at their respective departments.

Each group was required to present their findings. Everyone shared what they have learned which include:

* Understanding the difference between a Leader and a Manager
* Understanding the meaning of success that is growing oneself versus being significant which is about growing others
* Understanding the factors affecting our performance based on the Iceberg Competency Model - Knowledge and Skills (being what was noticeable by all) versus Attitude, Traits and Motive (the underlying factors) which are hidden but important to realise their importance to an organisation
* Understanding of how to move an organisation from Good the Great
* The three types of people in our organisation - Undertakers, Caretakers, Risktakers
* The four types of personalities - Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic

Among the things that have been applied after the training include:

* Understanding ourselves
* Understanding others
* Managing ourselves
* Managing others

Prior to the first training we were told to guestimate the number of Undertakers, Caretakers and Risktakers and majority agreed that generally we have 65% undertakers. But after the training and after applying what we have learned from the training, the percentage of undertakers/campers have reduced to probably 30%.

This is because the participants have to learned to understand themselves and their subordinates better and due to this understanding of relationship, weaknesses were rectified and and our relationship becomes better and our subordinates have better outlook of their jobs now.

It is more of managing the underlying factors of the Iceberg Competency Models where participants are more readily to move from success to become significant to their organisation of making others successful.

The module 2 started with the scores given out to each participant from the Psychometric DNA profile carried out. Trainers Mr. Moses has reminded participants about ignoring his girlfriend SARAH (Shock, Anger, Reject, Accept, Help) before reviewing their DNA profile as there is no right or wrong.

Each participant are scored on five facets which include: Purpose, Energy, Affirmation, Knowledge and Sustainability. However, participants were reminded that the score obtained was a reflection of their DNA and not what was seen by others.

Purpose - refers to a personality factor that describes a person's focus and goal orientation.

Energy - defines how people relate to others

Affirmation - associates with human relationships that measures how an individual demonstrates positive declarations of praise, encouragement, and support to others

Knowledge - refers to a person's penchant to process ideas, create strategies and innovate

Sustainability - is a measure of an individual's propensity to handle stressful situations

Hence, the acronym PEAKS derived from these five facets.

Understanding these facets help in developing a person to become conqueror of his own life success with a sense of fulfillment and achievement. It is about helping us to make a "dash" in our lives.

The two-day training ended with a Video Clip presentation entitled: "The Secret". It is based on the Law of Attraction of new thoughts that believe "like attracts like". It is about focusing on the goal rather than the problem. When we set out to achieve something, we focus on getting it. We must believe we can achieve it and put in effort to achieve it.

As in the first training, all participants are reminded to complete their learning log on what they have learned, what they intend to do and how they are going to apply it at their workplace.

Next training is tentatively scheduled in the 3rd week of November 2011.

Last Call Untuk Ambilan Sept 2011 Open University Malaysia

Pada warga kerja yang masih mencari-cari kursus yang ingin diambil bagi menaik-taraf kerja, Open University Malaysia (OUM) cawangan Perak akan mengadakan satu prebiu khas seperti berikut:

Tarikh: 1 Okt 2011
Tempat: OUM Perak, Jln Lim Bo Seng, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-2546006 atau 012-5256252
Masa: 3ptg - 5ptg

Program-program yang ditawarkan di OUM Perak adalah seperti berikut:

Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda dan Diploma:

* Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)
* Bachelor of Management (Hons)
* Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)
* Bachelor of Human Resources Management (Hons)
* Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (Hons)
* Bachelor of Islamic Studies (Hons)
* Bachelor of Occupational Safety & Health Management (Hons)
* Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
* Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons)
* Diploma in Management
* Diploma in Human Resources Management

Program Pasca Ijazah:

* Master of Business Administration
* Master of Education*
* Doctor of Business Administration

Syarat Kemasukan ke program Ijazah Sarjana Muda:

* Lulus STPM dengan 2 prinsip atau
* Lulus Diploma dengan CGPA > 2.0 atau
* Lulus Matrikulasi atau
* Lulus program Foundation

Syarat Kemasukan ke program Diploma:

* Lulus SPM dengan 3 kredit dalam mana-mana matapelajaran

Walau bagaimanapun warga kerja yang mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya 2 tahun pengalaman kerja, berumur tidak kurang dari 21 tahun dan memiliki sijil PMR boleh memohon masuk terus ke program Ijazah Sarjana Muda dengan syarat lulus ujian Fleksibel.

Sila bawa semua sijil-sijil kelayakan untuk pendaftaran serta merta.

Bagi mereka yang sudah bersedia untuk berdaftar, bolehlah berbuat demikian secara online:

Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda dan Diploma - klik di sini

Program Pasca Ijazah - klik di sini

Untuk keterangan lanjut sila layari laman web: atau datang sendiri ke pejabat kami di:

Pusat Pembelajaran Perak
71, Jln Lim Bo Seng, 30300, Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-2546006


Pusat Pembelajaran Greenhill
55, Persiaran Greenhill, 30450, Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-2490920 atau 05-2490922

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bengkel Penambahbaikan CGPA Pelajar OUM Perak

Semua pelajar OUM Perak terutama yang mempunyai CGPA yang kurang dari 2.0 dikehendaki hadir mengikuti bengkel ini yang bertujuan untuk menambahbaik CGPA mereka supaya cita-cita mereka untuk mendapatkan sekeping diploma atau ijazah dapat dicapai.

Butiran lanjut adalah seperti berikut:

Tarikh: 17 Sept 2011

Masa: 10pg hingga 12tgh

Tempat: OUM Perak, Jln Lim Bo Seng (Dewan A)

Pemudahcara: Dr. Richard Ng

Antara intipati bengkel:

a. Memahami pengiraan CGPA
b. Kaedah menambahbaik CGPA
c. Apa yang perlu dilakukan
d. Mengimbas kembali kaedah pembelajaran berkesan
e. Sokongan yang disediakan OUM

Pelajar lain yang ingin menambahbaik CGPA mereka juga dialu-alukan untuk hadir.

Selepas sesi bengkel, pelajar adalah dijemput untuk sama-sama meraikan Majlis Hari Raya OUM Perak dari jam 12tgh hingga 3ptg.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Couple who sponsored maid’s studies awarded - The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian couple who fully sponsored the tuition fees of their Indonesian maid’s diploma was recognised at the F&N Outdo Yourself Award (OYA).

Tan Choo Tang, 56, and wife Wee Phooi Kuan, 47, said they decided to help their maid, Sarmini Muhyadi, 28, to further her studies in management at the Open University Malaysia in the hope it would help improve her standard of living.

All the hard work paid off when Sarmini received her diploma last June and she is now holding a top post in a private company in Indonesia. Sarmini’s education cost RM5,000.

They were among the seven recipients who received the award presented by OYA’s patron Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad at a ceremony yesterday.

Fraser and Neave Holdings Bhd chairman Tengku Syed Badarudin Jamalullail was also present.

The recipients each received RM5,000, a certificate, plaque and F&N products.

“We could tell that Sarmini had a lot of potential to succeed as she is a hardworking person.

“We supported her for four years so that she would not give up,” said Tan.

Another recipient, Jonathan Jobal, 14, saved his cousin who was trapped inside a burning house.

“This makes me more willing to help anyone in trouble,” he said.

For senior citizen Tey Chong Suan, 74, the award is the greatest gift she has ever received.

“It was my duty,” said Tey who bravely saved a boy from drowning in Muar, Johor.

F&N chief executive officer Datuk Ng Jui Sia described the recipients as exemplary role models.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jemputan ke Majlis Hari Raya OUM Perak

Kepada semua warga OUM Perak, pelajar OUM, tutor serta staf, diucapkan "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri". Sempena dengan sambutan Hari Raya Aidil Fitri yang mulia ini, pihak OUM Perak akan mengadakan Jamuan Hari Raya seperti berikut:

Tarikh: 17 September 2011

Masa: 12tgh hingga 3ptg

Tempat: Dewan A dan B, OUM Perak, Jln Lim Bo Seng, Ipoh, Perak.

Semua pelajar, tutor dan staf OUM Perak dijemput hadir untuk menjamu selera yang akan kami hidangkan.

Pada hari tersebut, seramai 50 orang yatim akan diraikan bersama kita.

Sesi Dialog Bersama Pelajar Pembelajaran Mode Online

Pengarah OUM Perak, Dr. Richard Ng sedang memberikan taklimat kepada para peserta.

Pada 11 September 2011 lepas, seramai 29 orang pelajar OUM Perak yang bakal belajar melalui mode pembelajaran secara Online telah hadir ke suatu majlis taklimat serta dialog bersama Pengarah OUM Perak, Dr. Richard Ng.

Sesi ini bermula pada jam 12.00tgh dan tamat pada jam 1.30ptg. Sesi ini merupakan perjumpaan yang julung kali diadakan untuk pelajar OUM. Tujuannya ialah untuk memberi taklimat mengenai Pembelajaran secara Online serta persediaan yang perlu ada untuk belajar melalui mode pembelajaran ini.

Pelajar juga dijemput berdialog dengan Pengarah serta memberi maklum-balas kepad OUM supaya pelajar mode Online akan diberi sokongan yang diperlukan.

Antara pelajar yang hadir

Dalam taklimatnya, Dr. Richard memberitahu pelajar yang hadir bahawa terdapat kira-kira 70 orang pelajar OUM Perak yang terlibat dalam pembelajaran secara Online. Antara faedah mengikuti kaedah pembelajaran ini ialah pelajar tidak perlu hadir ke kelas tutorial, justeru mempunyai lebih masa bersama keluarga dan tidak menjejaskan kerja mereka. Pelajar juga akan diberi diskaun sebanyak 25% daripada yuran tiusyennya. Mereka akan mendapat modul seperti pelajar lain dan mempunyai akses kepada forum perbincangan atas talian dalam MyVLE.

Untuk berjaya belajar melalui kaedah ini pelajar mestilah bersikap positif, berkeyakinan pada diri, bermotivasi, mempunyai kemahiran belajar secara Online serta mempunyai disiplin diri yang tinggi.

Pembelajaran secara Online adalah lebih fleksibel dan tidak terikat dengan jadual waktu. Pelajar cuma perlu mempunyai akses ke Internet dan mengambil bahagian secara aktif dalam perbincangan atas talian bersama rakan lain serta tutor yang dipilih khas untuk membimbing mereka.

Daripada 29 orang pelajar yang hadir, seramai 15 orang pernah mengikuti pembelajaran
secara online manakala ianya adalah merupakan pengalaman pertama untuk 14 orang pelajar yang lain.

Bila ditanya apakah masalah belajar secara online, majoriti bersetuju yang tutor online perlu memberikan respon kepada pertanyaan pelajar dengan segera serta memahami kehendak dan kekangan mereka.

Ada pelajar yang telah serasi dengan pembelajaran secara Blended Learning mengharapkan agar diadakan pembelajaran secara Blended Learning namun akur bila diberitahu bahawa bilangan pelajar untuk Blended Learning mestilah melebihi 5 orang.

Pada akhir sesi dialog tersebut banyak cadangan telah diterima. Di antaranya ialah bagi subjek matematik atau IT yang memerlukan pembelajaran secara "hands-on" haruslah tidak menggunakan kaedah pembelajaran secara Online.

Pelajar yang tidak pernah belajar secara Online bersedia untuk mencuba sistem pembelajaran ini dengan syarat pihak OUM memberi sokongan yang sepenuhnya dari segi akademik dan pentadbiran.

Satu laporang telah disediakan bagi memberikan maklum balas pada pihak pengurusan tertinggi OUM supaya memberi pertimbangan kepada cadangan yang diberikan pelajar.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

1 Malaysia is alive at OUM vis-a-vis Merdeka Walk up the hill of Bukit Kledang

Yes, 40 of us made it to one of the peaks of Bukit Kledang to celebrate our nation's 54th Merdeka edition on Sept 11, 2011. What a better way than to endure a 1-hour walk up the hill carrying our Jalur Gemilang and sing the patriotic songs at the top of our voices. It was a truly 1Malaysia affair.

Registration of participants. From left: Afandi, Haliza, Jamuna

Cikgu Onee and her family

One for the album while waiting for all the participants

From left: Valerie, Matron Foong, Dr. Tina Lim, and Cikgu Barkawi

1 Malaysia @ OUM Perak

Ready to go

One for the album. Berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah

The event was organized by OUM Perak in collaboration with Persatuan Kecergasan Negeri Perak, whose President is Puan Jamuna, who is also one of alumni. It was participated by learners, staff and family members.

Video clip of Senamrobik Part 1:

Warm up session

Video clip of Senamrobik Part 2:

Puan Jamuna (with cap) leading the senamrobik session

It was the third time OUM Perak organized the Merdeka Walk up the hill. The first was held on August 4, 2007 in collaboration with the Lions Club of Perak Silver State. The following year, we organized it with OUM Alumni. Due to the fasting month, the event was not held in 2009 and 2010.

OUM Perak Director, Dr. Richard Ng, addressing the participants on the Do's and Dont's before the start of the Merdeka Walk

We gathered at the foot of the hill at 7.00am sharp. We had a warm up session for 30 minutes with senamrobik led by Puan Jamuna and her team members from the Persatuan Kecergasan Negeri Perak. It was not only a good warm session but all of us had fun.

The journey to a thousand miles begins with the first step ...

After 15 minutes up the hill ...

Reaching the halfway mark ...

At 7.50am we started our slow walk up the hill. For some of us, it was their first time participating in such event. Everyone was excited. After 15 minutes, everyone has not shown any sign of fatigue probably due to the excitement. We took a short break to enjoy the nice view of Ipoh City.

30 minutes later ... arriving at the Meterological Survey centre

The last phase ...

15 minutes to go ....

By 8.45am, most of us have reached the Meteorological Survey station, which is about 1,500 feet above sea level. We took a short break again to wait for most of the participants. By now everyone can be seen panting and taking a deep breath. "How far more?" or "How much time more?" were the common questions by now. But it has not dampened our spirit. Everyone motivated each other and we continued our walk.

At last ... we have finally arrived at our destination

Taking a break ...

At 9.00am sharp, we have all made it to the peak. What a relieved. We took a short break again to get things organized before we make our pledge and sing the patriotic songs.

Dr. Richard addressing the participants about the meaning of Merdeka

Video Clip of Speech by Director of OUM Perak:

Director of OUM Perak, Dr. Richard Ng, give a short but meaningful speech about the nation's achievement in gaining independence from the British. He reminded everyone the sacrifices our fore fathers such as YM Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Tun Sambathan and others, have made prior to August 31, 1957. He also said that 54 years ago, the spirit of 1Malaysia has existed. He also said that Merdeka has got no meaning if after 54 years we are still divided along racial lines. But the event yesterday has proven that 1Malaysia is alive at OUM Perak. He thanked all participants for making this event the most memorable one and hope next year the participation will be bigger.

Jayaganesh leading the participant to take the oath of Rukun Negara

One of our learners, Jayaganesh, was given the honor to lead the group to make our Rukun Negara pledge. It was then followed by the singing of patriotic songs while waving our Jalur Gemilang, which was led by another learner, Veeran.

Veeran, leading the participants in singing the patriotic songs

We sang 5 selected patriotic songs which include:

* Tanggal 31
* Jalur Gemilang
* Kerana Mu
* Berjaya
* Wawasan 2020

Video Clip on the singing of Tanggal 31:

Singing the patriotic songs

At 9.45am, we started to descend with a sigh of relieve enduring the 1 hour climb. We took some memorable pictures. Most participants were satisfied and happy to be able to be part of this historical moment. All or us arrived safely at the hill of Bukit Kledang at 10.30am and back to their respective destinations with fond memories.

Video Clip of the singing of KeranaMu:

The excitement did not end there. Most participants who came with their cameras have uploaded their photos in the Facebook and their comments continued. Among the comments picked up from the Facebook are:

* Onee Azua Zolkarnain wrote: "‎1 Msia...hopefully next time lebih ramai penyertaan..."

* Jayaganesh wrote: "akhirnya berjaya juga ke destinasi . . . ."

* Aishah wrote: "Sis.. best sangat dapat sampai ke ata Bukit Kledang tu.."

* Haliza wrote: "Tak boleh lupa.... lagi 5 min nak smpi ke bawah, Fendi bawak motor ke atas coz nak anta wallet Kak Liza. Lepas tu I n Eva naik motor Fendi. Sib baik tak 'reban' motor Fendi. Maklumlah kami berdua ni 'comei2' belaka."

* Afandi wrote: "ya betul!!........program ni secara tidak langsung dapat merapatkan perpaduan dikalangan rakyat Malaysia......malaysia BOLEH!!!"

* Tanga wrote: "Memorable event!"

* Barkawi wrote: "Menghayati n menyanyi lagu patriotik. Suke sangat."

* Leong wrote: "we really have determinations aand so can pass d endurance test. syabas to everyone and 1 thng i worry is my heart beat only. i felt it throbbing so fast n loud n scare it will jammed. wakakaka n hope to test it again next Merdeka kalau umur panjang.Thanks to all staff of OUM n DBI n all for d success."

* Chiew Ha wrote: "Salute to OUM, especially to Dr. Richard & Mrs & dedicated staffs of OUM, make things jadi & successful for all who move out their first step. Hurray OUM."

* Chiew Ha wrote: "Semoga Dr Richard plan MERDEKA CELEBRATION BY OUM IN KOTA KINABALU successful & good response for year 2012"

*Afandi Raz wrote: "apapun TAHNIAH diucapkan kepada semua.......walaupun letih tetapi dengan semangat yg ade,berjaya juga sampai kepuncak bukit kledang........"

* Pratha Paul wrote: "inilah wajah-wajah anak malaysia yang tidak berputus asa sampai ke puncak walaupun terpaksa bertembung dengan pelbagai cabaran seperti sakit kaki... penat.. letih...n sebagainya... syabas n tahniah frndz. dan terima kasih kepada jantung saya sebab tak jemm wlaupn dah lama tak naik bukit."