Sunday, October 31, 2010

24th AAOU Annual Conference Hanoi Vietnam - Part 2

Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam delivers his opening address. Picture courtesy of Zulkhairi

The 24th Association of Asian Open Universities (AAOU) annual conference held in Hanoi from 26th to 28th October 2010 has brought many fond memories to 12 participants of Open University Malaysia. It was made more memorable with the warm greetings and kind hospitality provided by the host, Hanoi Open University.

The dragon dance performance during the opening ceremony. Picture courtesy of Zulhairi

Before coming to Vietnam, we generally have different perceptions towards Vietnam. But the moment we landed at the Noi Bai Hanoi International Airport, our perceptions were proven wrong. We were greeted by students volunteer, who could speak some good English, which all of us could understand. These students were holding placards with the AAOU 2010 words on it. They made us feel very much at home showing us the direction we required.

Yhung (in red), one of students volunteer meeting us on arrival at the Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam

Our group from OUM was taken care by 4 students, Yhung, Oanh, An, and Ken taking us from the airport to Melia Hanoi hotel where we stay. The hotel was also the venue of the conference.

At the ceramic factory. From left: Rina, Dr. Janet Woo, Richard Ng, Zulhairi, Iryanty and Umi

The Cho Dong Xuan bazar in Hanoi. Picture courtesy of Zulhairi

As our bosses (Tan Sri Anuwar Ali and Prof. Mansor) were busy at the AAOU Exco meeting, we took the opportunity to do a city tour of Hanoi where we visited the Ceramic and Silk Factory in the morning.

Group photo at the Melia Hanoi Hotel before our city tour

We stopped for lunch at the Nisa Restaurant, a Malaysian owned restaurant. Of course our meal is the local Pho (pronounced as fur) beef noodle soup. In the afternoon, we went shopping at the Cho Dong Xuan bazar where you can find all the things that you want from locally made biscuits, Nike and Adidas shoes, souvenirs, to products made of silks, leather belts and furniture. One of the unique things about Hanoi was that the people generally like to have tea and local liquor along the walk-way sitting on stools and small tables.

A typical scene on the streets of Hanoi City

Tan Sri Anuwar Ali (left), talking to Dr. Olubiyi Adeniyi Adewale of Nigeria Open University

Group photo after the dinner on the first night

We were hosted to a dinner for three consecutive nights. On the first night, we were hosted to a dinner by the Hanoi Open University, the conference organizer. We were treated to a 8-course meal with free flow drinks. We were also treated to a cultural performance during the second night hosted by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. On the final day of the conference, we were treated to a farewell dinner at the Sen Restaurant, located at the West Lake of Hanoi, approximately 45 minutes away from Melia Hanoi Hotel. It was hosted by the Deputy Minister of Vietnam. We were served with mostly local Vietnamese dishes.

Deputy PM of Vietnam, Prof. Nguyen, shaking hand with Tan Sri Anuwar Ali

Prof. Mansor (left) and Tan Sri Anuwar Ali among the participants at the conference

The signing ceremony of MOUs between Open University Malaysia, Hanoi Open University, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Picture courtesy of Zulhairi

The proper conference started on the second day on 27th October 2010 at 8.30am. The conference was officially opened by the Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, Prof. Nguyen Thien Nham. It was followed by a cultural performance and dragon dance. Five keynote addresses were delivered. Several keynote addresses were also delivered. The highlight of the morning session was the signing of MOUs between Open University Malaysia and Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University of Thailand, Hanoi Open University, Philippines Open University and Universitas Terbuka Indonesia to collaborate on areas of developing programmes.

Posing in front of AAOU 2010 backdrop. From left: Prof. Latifah, Prof. Mansor. Tan Sri Anuwar Ali and Richard Ng

In the afternoon the parallel session began where participants presented their papers. Among the presenters from OUM include Prof. Mansor and Dr. Janet Woo.

Prof. Mansor gave a powerful presentation of his paper. Picture courtesy of Zulhairi

Prof. Mansor presented two papers entitled: "Widening Access and Improving Retention in Open and Distance Learning: The Strategies of Open University Malaysia" and "Helping distance learners stay connected: The effectiveness of mobile learning via SMS at Open University Malaysia".

Dr. Janet Woo presenting her shortlisted for Best Paper award paper

Dr. Janet's paper entitled, "Developing Quality Learning Materials for Effective Teaching and Learning in an ODL environment: Making the jump from print modules to online modules", was shortlisted for the best paper award.

Prof. Tan Sri Anuwar Ali delivers his keynote address

On the third day of the conference, on 28th October, 2010, Emeritus Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Anuwar Ali, President and Vice Chancellor of OUM, delivered his keynote address entitled "Going Global: Ensuring Sustainability, Access, Equity and Quality in Open and Distance Learning".

Richard Ng presenting his paper during the conference

In the afternoon, Richard Ng, Director of OUM Perak Learning Centre, presented his paper entitled: "Improving Graduation Rates of Open and Distance Learners via Online Community".

Umi Hanim asking for clarification during the parallel session

The 2-day conference witnessed the participation of over 500 participants from 22 countries. 173 papers were presented under 5 sub-themes. The main theme of the conference was: "OPEN DISTANCE LEARNING TOWARDS BUILDING SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES".

During the closing ceremony, the outgoing President of AAOU 2010, Prof. Tian Belawati of Indonesia, announced the incoming newly elected AAOU 2011-2013 President, Prof. Wong Tat Meng of Malaysia. Also announced was the winner of the best paper awards and Young Innovators award. The Gold Medal went to Korea, and the two Silver Medals went to the Philippines and Malaysia.

Participants of the AAOU 2010 conference from OUM took the opportunity to visit Ha Long Bay on the final day before departing for Malaysia. The group chartered a boat to take them to visit the mystical mountains which numbered about 2,000. The journey took us almost 3.5 hours to arrive from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. We spent almost 3 hours at the Ha Long Bay enjoying the scenic beauty and the Heaven Cave located at Ha Long Bay. The weather was good with temperature about 13 degrees Celcius.

Penubuhan Persatuan Pelajar OUM Perak

Sejarah tercipta hari ini di OUM Perak apabila Persatuan Pelajar OUM Perak telah ditubuhkan dengan perlantikan ahli jawatan kuasa yang pertama.

Ahli-ahli jawatan kuasa adalah seperti berikut:

Pengerusi: En. Tangarajie
Timbalan Pengerusi: Cik Rozita
Setiausaha: Cik Elina
Bendahari: Cik Yuslina
AJK: Cik Azlin, Cik Norazlin dan Cik Norsuhaida

Lain-lain AJK akan ditambah dari masa ke semasa.

AJK Persatuan Pelajar OUM Perak. Dari kiri: Elina, Yuslina, Rozita, Tanga, Richard Ng (Pengarah OUM Perak), Norsuhaida, Norazlin, Azlin

Antara objektif penubuhan Persatuan ini adalah untuk menjadi jambatan penghubung antara pelajar dengan pihak pengurusan OUM Perak. Persatuan ini juga diharap dapat memainkan peranan penting di samping Persatuan Alumni yang sedia ada. Beberapa aktiviti telah dirancang termasuk membantu OUM Perak untuk mengendalikan Majlis Makan Malam bagi meraikan para graduan OUM Perak tahun 2010 yang akan diadakan di Hotel Excelsior Ipoh pada 13 November 2010. Pada 5 Disember pihak OUM Perak akan menjadi tuan rumah kepada sukan OUM Zon Utara dan diharap Persatuan Alumni dan Persatuan Pelajar OUM Perak dapat turut serta untuk membantu.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

24th AAOU Annual Conference Hanoi Vietnam - Part 1

Prof. Tian Belawati, President of AAOU 2010 delivering her speech

The 24th Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU) Annual Conference began in Hanoi on 26th Oct 2010. As usual the AAOU board members will hold their annual meeting to discuss any matters arising.

The dragon dance performance during the Opening Ceremony

Honoring the exco members of AAOU

Emeritus Prof. Dr. Anuwar Ali delivering his keynote address

Among the participants from OUM (from left), Prof. Dr. Latifah, Prof. Dr. Mansor Fadzil, Tan Sri Dr. Anuwar Ali and Richard Ng

The AAOU 2010 conference which was held at the Melia Hanoi hotel in Vietnam was officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, Prof. Nguyen Thien Minh. Earlier, Prof. Dr. Pham Minh Viet, Organizing Chairman of the conference delivered his welcoming address. The opening session was followed by a dragon dance performance. In his speech, Prof. Nguyen hoped that the conference will be able to assist Vietnam in developing its Open and Distance Learning.

Richard Ng with Prof. Pham of Hanoi Open University, the Organizing Chairman of AAOU 2010

Signing of MOU between Open University Malaysia and Open Universities of Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam

Among the keynote speakers invited to speak during the conference include Emeritus Prof. Dr. Anuwar Ali, the President of Open University Malaysia. Others include Prof. Asha Kanwar of Commonwealth of Learning, Emeritus Prof. Gajaraj Dhanarajan of Wawasan Open University, Prof. Jon Baggaley of Athabasca University, Prof. Insung Jung of International Christian University, Prof. Hiromitsu of The Open University of Japan, Prof. Lam of Thang Long University, and Dr. Gatot Hari of SEAMOLEC.

Prof. Mansor presenting his first paper

More than 500 participants from over 20 countries attended the 3-day conference. A total of 173 papers were presented under 5 different sub-themes; Ideology and philosophy; Partnership and Communication; Methodology and Technology; Sustainability, Accessibility,Equity and Quality; and Opportunities and Challenges. The most popular sub-theme is Methodology and Technology with 73 papers.

Recipients of the best paper award: (from left) Gold Medalist - Korea, Silver Medalist - Philippines, Prof. Tian Belawati, President of AAOU, Silver Medalist - Malaysia

Presenters from OUM include Prof. Mansor Fadzil (Senior VP), Prof. Latifah, Dr. Janet Woo Tai Kwan, Richard Ng, and Umi Hanim. Dr. Janet's paper was one of the shortlisted papers for best paper award.

For three consecutive nights, participants were hosted for dinners by Conference Organizer, The Ministry of Education and the Government of Vietnam. The 3-day conference ended on 28 October 2010. During the closing, it was announced that a new president for AAOU has been elected for the period 2011 till 2013.

Outgoing AAOU President, Prof. Tian Belawati of Indonesia (right) passing the AAOU flag to the newly elected AAOU President, Prof. Wong Tat Meng of Malaysia

The handover ceremony was held briefly with the passing of the AAOU flag from the current President Prof. Tian Belawati of Indonesia to Prof. Wong Tat Meng of Malaysia. It was also announced that the next AAOU Conference will be held in Penang in Sept 2011.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Majlis Makan Malam Para Graduan OUM Perak

Bagi pihak OUM Perak, saya ucapkan syabas kepada semua pelajar yang telah berjaya dalam peperiksaan semester Januari dan Mei 2010. Pelajar ini akan dianugerahkan dengan sijil Diploma, Ijazah Sarjana Muda, Ijazah Sarjana serta Ijazah Kedoktoran pada Konvokesyen OUM yang Ke 9 yang akan dilangsungkan dari 20 hingga 23 November 2010 di Dewan Merdeka PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.

Bagi meraikan kejayaan mereka, satu Majlis Makan Malam akan diadakan seperti berikut:

Tarikh: 13 November 2010
Masa: 7mlm - 10mlm
Tempat: Tingkat 5, Hotel Excelsior, Ipoh, Perak
Harga Tiket: RM30 seorang (kanak-kanak atau dewasa).

Oleh kerana tempat adalah terhad, sila hubungi Puan Murni atau Puan Ros di talian 05-2546006 untuk mengesahkan tempat.

Para graduan serta ahli keluarga adalah dijemput hadir. Tutor serta pelajar OUM Perak juga digalakkan untuk hadir bagi turut serta untuk meraikan para graduan sekalian.

Bagi pelajar yang telah tamat pengajian dan masih belum mengetahui status konvo mereka, sila semak di sini.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The husband of one of OUM Perak's students became the First Orang Asli male called to the Bar

A 57-year-old Orang Asli lawyer called to the Bar at the Ipoh High Court yesterday has vowed to fight for the long denied basis rights of his marginalised community.

Amani Willams-Hunt Abdullah, of mixed English-Orang Asli parentage, is the first male to be called to the bar in the country and the third in the community after two females before him. He is the husband of Open University Malaysia, Perak Regional Centre's student, Khatimatul Husna Zainuddin

He said that the basic rights of his community as enshrined in Article 8(5)(c) of the federal constitution have been ignored by both the federal and state governments in the last 53 years,

Abdullah (left with his wife and lawyer Anthony in photo) pointed out that the article does not invalidate or prohibit any provision for the protection, well-being or advancement of the aboriginal peoples of the Malay peninsular (including the reservation of land) or the reservation to aborigines a reasonable proportion of suitable positions in the public service.

He said much hype and importance has been given to Article 153 of the constitution which ensures reservation of quotas in respect of services, permits etc for Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak.

However, the Orang Asli, the natives of Malaya, have been marginalised and not been given the same importance and such implementation as enshrined in the article.

Hence Amani, a former president of the Association of Aborigines of Peninsular Malaysia, wants to correct this social economic imbalance of his community in terms of land, education, employment and other economic opportunities as enjoyed by other Malaysians.

'Law is the cement of society'

The economics graduate and former banker who believes that "law is the cement of society", has chosen the legal profession to initiate reforms within his community so they can match the economic progress of other Malaysians.

According to human rights lawyer and social worker Augustine Anthony, upon taking over the helm as president of the community's association, Amani had reorganised, revitalised and within the period of 1987 to 1991 had boosted its the membership from a mere 300 to 17,000.

Amani's father was anthropologist Major Peter Willams-Hunt, the first advisor to the government on Orang Asli affairs, and his mother, Wak Draman, a member of the Tapah Semai tribe's chief's family.

Amani is married to Khatimatul Husna Zainuddin, 38, with six children aged from 10 to 30.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Suasana Sedih menyelubungi Warga OUM

Warga OUM hari ini dikejutkan dengan dua berita kematian. Pertama, Allahyarham Abdul Hamid Bin Abd Hamid iaitu ayahanda kepada Pegawai Keselamatan PP Greenhill Sdra Wan Kamaruddin Abdul Hamid telah meninggal dunia pada jam 4.20 pagi tadi 13 Oktober 2010.

Jenazah akan dikebumikan di Lenggong sebelum Zohor. Orang ramai yang ingin menziarah bolehlah berbuat demikian di Lot 600, Kampung Chain, Leonggong. Sdra Wan Kamaruddin boleh dihubungi melalui talian: 017-5410159. Semoga roh Allahyarham dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah.

Gambar pelajar Annie John Diamas

Kedua, berita kematian seorang pelajar BNS yang belajar di OUM Sabah iaitu Annie John Diamas. Annie, 39 tahun, telah dilaporkan hilang selepas mengikuti kelas tutorial Ahad lepas.

Sdra Lamjin Atoh, Pengarah OUM Sabah, sedang bertemu dengan ayahanda dan bonda Annie di perkarangan hospital Queen Elizabeth, Kota Kinabalu

"Kami amat sedih dengan berita kematian ini. Kepada keluarga Allahyarham Abdul Hamid dan keluarga Annie, pihak kami sampaikan salam takziah." kata Pengarah OUM Perak, Richard Ng.

Rakan pekerja Annie dan pelajar OUM sedang berada di perkarangan Queen Elizabeth

Berita kematian Annie telah dilaporkan di beberapa akhbar hari ini.

Laporan akhbar The Star hari ini adalah seperti berikut:

Missing nurse found dead, body dumped in a deep drain

KOTA KINABALU: A 39-year-old nurse, missing since Saturday, was found murdered and dumped in a drain near a housing area at Kingfisher Park here.

The half-naked and decomposing body of Annie John Diamas was spotted by residents, who found the victim inside a narrow and deep drain at about 11.40am yesterday.

There was indication of a head injury, said acting Sabah deputy police commissioner SAC Tan Kok Liang at the scene.

He said the victim was discovered only with clothes on her upper body.

Annie, who worked at the Kudat Hospital in northern Sabah, had been here with her fiance on Sept 30 to attend courses at Open University Malaysia at Jalan Lintas.

She was believed to have gone missing after 5pm on Saturday when her family could not contact her after she left her fiance’s house in Penampang to attend the course.

Subsequently, her family members found her car parked along Lorong Dewan near a budget hotel here at about 2am on Sunday and immediately lodged a police report.

Her father John Diamas told reporters on Sunday that Annie had spoken to her fiance at about 3pm on Saturday to inform him that she was attending classes and then going to the hospital to visit her grandmother who was hospitalised at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

A 39-year-old nurse, missing since Saturday, was found murdered and dumped in a drain near a housing area at Kingfisher Park. The half-naked and decomposing body of Annie John Diamas was spotted by residents at about 11.40am Tuesday.

Annie’s mother also tried to call her at about 7pm on Saturday but could not reach her as her phone was switched off.

There was a missed call from Annie to her fiance at about 7.30pm but when he tried to contact her, the cellphone was switched off.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sesi Perjumpaan Pengarah dengan Pelajar OUM Perak

Mulai semester September 2010, Pengarah OUM Perak akan mengadakan sesi perjumpaan dengan pelajar-pelajar OUM Perak.

Sebahagian dari pelajar SMP yang sempat berjumpa dengan Pengarah OUM Perak

Perjumpaan pertama telah diadakan pada 2 Oktober di mana seramai 23 orang telah berjaya mengadakan sesi perbincangan. Perjumpaan ini adalah salah satu usaha OUM untuk memahami dengan lebih dekat lagi masalah yang dihadapi oleh pelajar.

Pada perjumpaan pertama pada 2 Oktober jam 10.05 pagi, seramai 7 orang pelajar program SMP kohot 3 dan 4 telah dijemput untuk menghadiri perjumpaan dengan Pengarah OUM Perak, Richard Ng. Semasa perjumpaan tersebut pelajar telah ditanya mengenai masalah yang dihadapi. Secara am, pelajar SMP menyatakan rasa puas hati mereka setelah dipindahkan dari pusat pembelajaran IPIP ke PP Perak di Jalan Lim Bo Seng. Mereka amat berpuas hati dengan kemudahan yang disediakan serta tutor yang mengajar mereka.

Pengarah juga telah menasihatkan mereka supaya banyak menggunakan E-CRM iaitu salah satu usaha OUM untuk merekodkan aduan pelajar kiranya pelajar menghadapi sebarang masalah.

Sesi pertemuan dengan pelajar Bacelor of Nursing

Pada jam 12.30tgh pula kumpulan pelajar SMP lain pula sempat bertemu dengan Pengarah. Sekali pelajar yang ditemui tidak menghadapi masalah besar kecuali masalah dengan tugasan dan akreditasi program.

Pada keesokan harinya pula iaitu pada hari Ahad 3 Oktober, Pengarah telah bertemu dengan 7 orang pelajar program Bacelor of Nursing. Antara masalah yang dibangkitkan termasuk jadual latihan praktikal serta tempoh latihan praktikal yang panjang. Pelajar meminta supaya jadual dapat disediakan dengan lebih awal supaya pelajar dapat memohon cuti untuk menghadiri kuliah dan latihan mereka.

Sasaran OUM ialah supaya setiap Pengarah dapat berjumpa sekurang-kurangnya 20 orang sehari pada hari tutorial dijalankan. Semua masalah yang berbangkit akan diambil tindakan susulan dengan segera.

Perjumpaan Pengarah OUM Perak seterusnya ialah pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad depan iaitu pada 9 dan 10 Oktober. Perjumpaan akan datang ini akan diadakan dengan pelajar Pusat Pembelajaran Greenhill pula di mana ramai pelajar Open Market ditempatkan.