Sunday, February 22, 2009

Math Workshop @ OUM KL

Feb 22, 2009

OUM has organized another Math workshop for its learners who are taking the BBMP 1103 and SBMA 1103 courses at OUM Main Campus on Feb 21, 2009 from 8.3am to 1.30pm. The event was organized by the Counseling Unit of the Center For Student Management led by Prof. Dr. Latifah. Coordinating the program successfully was Normahliza who has done extremely well in ensuring the smooth running of the program.

The workshop was conducted by Richard Ng

The workshop started sharp at 8.30am and ended as expected at 1.30pm. Close to 50 participants from KL and also a learner Penang turned up to find out more about how they could improve on their math. The workshop was conducted by Richard Ng, the director of OUM Perak.

Some of the participants of the workshop

The workshop was based on the Online Supplemental Instruction (OSI) model which has won a silver medal recently at the AAOU 2008 International Conference in China. Participants were coached on understanding the logic of math and how to use the Equation Editor software to type mathematical symbols so that they can post any problems through the Learning Management System (LMS).

Participants were busy having discussion on how to solve the mathematical problems assigned to the group.

Participants were divided into 5 groups and each group was given a mathematical problem to solve. The team leader from each group was required to present their findings watched by other participants. This way all the participants will learn from each other.

The following video clips show how the workshop was conducted:

Video Clip 1:

Video Clip 2:

Video Clip 3:

Video Clip 4:

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maySinOng said...

workshop in KL look better...
students have own table n chair for taking note...

hopefully environment in PP Perak can b as good as OUM KL!!