Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SkyBlue Portable Media Player

Feb 14, 2009. Posted by Richard Ng

As I was window shopping at one of the shopping malls in Ipoh, I stumbled upon a gadget known as SkyBlue Portable Media Player. From far it looks like Nokia 6210. Next to this item I saw some other gadgets that looked like I-Pod.

The Skyblue PMP is as big as the size of the palm measuring 3cm by 5cm

The gadget has a price tag of RM200. Since it is "not sooo expensive" compared with other established gadgets, I asked the salesman how it functions. To my surprise, it has a high resolution and can support MP3, MP4 and other movie formats. It comes with 2GB storage space and can support additional 4GB.

I downloaded one of my video clips and play it with this gadget. It was superb.

The other day, I was also looking at some second PDA at the same complex and I found an O2 that cost RM500. I thought of buying the O2 for my research purposes. But with this gadget selling at RM200, I did not hesitate at all to buy one.

I brought back to my office after that and tested it. I am amazed that it functioned as expected.

I tested the video on this gadget. In the background is my PC which I am running the YouTube video.

For students who wish to download video clips from YouTube, you need a software which can be downloaded free from the following website:

With this affordable gadget I hope students who are weak in Math will buy one and download the video clips posted in so that they can be viewed at any time any place. This is the mobile learning era. Once your course has completed, you can continue using the gadget to play MP3 musics and even download pictures from the PC.


maySinOng said...

Thanks for sharing,sir!!

SkyBlue only avaiable in Ipoh?
mayb the Alumni can ask for dealer price frm the shop then resell it to us...
Alumni might cari untung, member can get it easier...

idea sharing...

Professor said...

Good idea may Sin. But the problem is where have all our alumni gone?