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Majlis Berbuka Puasa cum Dialog Session with OUM Senior Vice President

Majlis Berbuka Puasa cum Dialog Session with OUM Senior Vice President
at PPW Perak on Sept 29, 2007

On Sept 29, 2007, the Senior Vice President of OUM, YBhg Prof. Dr Mansor Fadzil, has taken time off from his busy schedule to be with a group of 80 sudents, tutors and staff of Perak Regional Learning Centre (RLC) for the occasion of breaking fast during the month of Ramadan at Hotel Sri Malaysia Ipoh.

He was accompanied by the Director of Centre for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Latifah Abdol Latif. The purpose of the gathering is to foster a close relationship between the management, the students, tutors, and staff A dialog session was also held on the same day with a group of students to find out first hand information about their problems or suggestion for improvement. Several quality questions and concerns raised by these students were handled graciously by Prof. Mansor. Prof. Latifah was busy taking notes on the issues raised to be brought back to OUM HQ for follow up action. The students were also briefed about OUM’s future plan. Later in the evening, another dialog session was held with tutors.

Perak RLC has been actively involved in many corporate social responsibilities projects. It has managed to raise some fund as contribution to Cancerlink Foundation, a non-governmental organization responsible for caring of cancer patients. The fund was handed over by Prof. Mansor on behalf of Perak RLC to foundation president, Dr. Tharam, who was also invited for the dinner.

The breaking of fast dinner which began at 7.10pm ended at about 9.00pm. But all the staff stayed back for another meeting session with Prof. Mansor. During the brief meeting, the senior vice president reminded everyone to work hard and that their welfare will be taken care by OUM. Later, Richard Ng, director of Perak RLC did a slide presentation on OUM Perak’s current status and future plans. The meeting ended at about 10pm.

The following day, Prof. Mansor visited Perak RLC to meet up with new students to give them advice about their studies and to inform them about the future plans of OUM. He also took time to chat with some students who are busy having discussion at the centre.

After the meeting with students at Perak RLC, Prof. Mansor and Prof Latifah traveled to Institute Perguruan Ipoh to have a first hand information about how the centre is managed and also to meet up with some of OUM’s students who are teachers attached to the Ministry of Education. Generally, both the Senior Vice President and the Director of Centre for Student Affairs were very pleased with the meetings and visitation outcome.

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