Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adult Learners Survey by Prof Karl @ OUM Perak

Sept 20, 2008

OUM Perak has got a surprise visitor this morning. Prof. Dr. Karl Wagner from OUM KL came to OUM Perak today to conduct an Adult Learner Survey. He was met on arrival by Richard Ng, Director of OUM Perak at 9.00am.

Prof. Karl was seen here briefing students in one of the classes before administering the survey.

The objective of the survey is to find how adult learners learn and how tutors handle adult learners in class. An 20-item instrument based on Knowles' andragogy was used in the survey and learners are asked to provided feedback on how the perceived learning was conducted at OUM by our tutors.
Prof. Karl was talking to one of the tutors, Mr. Shamsul

Prof. Karl also conducted interviews on selected learners and tutors to understand how learning and tutoring was carried out.

Prof. Karl was briefing adult learners from one of the classes held in the morning

The survey was conducted over a 2-day period. The first day was carried out at OUM Perak (Jln Lim Bo Seng) where learners are mainly teachers undergoing various Education programs. On the second day, the survey was carried out at Greentown Learning Center where learners are from the Open Market undergoing various Business and IT programs.

Prof. Karl was having discussion with Richard on some of the mobile learning projects

Prof. Karl was briefing learners from one of the classes at the Greentown Learning Center

Prof. Karl was observing learners and tutors of one of the tutorials going on at the Greentown Learnin Center

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