Saturday, September 6, 2008

Interactive and Lively Math Workshop

Sept 6, 2008

OUM Perak once again rise to the occasion to organize yet another workshop for the benefits of its students. The Mathematics workshop held from 12 noon till 4.30pm was attended by 25 students and 3 tutors; Puan Siti, Mr. Lam and Mr. Vincent. The workshop was a success taking into consideration the very short notice issued to students. Student from as far as Bagan Serai turned up for the workshop. This is the second time OUM Perak is conducting such workshop. The last workshop was held last year witnessed by Prof. Dr. Abtar Kaur.

Participants were busy having group discussion

The workshop was facilitated by Richard Ng, Director of OUM Perak, who also acts as a tutor for Management Math subjects for undergraduate students. The workshop is part of a research fully funded by Open University Malaysia to assist students in increasing their readiness as well as to improve on their performance.

Cikgu Jamal representing Group B to present their solution

Group A led by Halimah (white T'Shirt) was seen rushing for their presentation

The workshop was divided into three sections where participants are taught on how to handle problems related to numbers and algebra. The participants were also shown hands-on on how to use the Equation Editor Software to type mathematical symbols useful for them to post questions or answer questions posted in the online forum.

Alex Chan, representing Group D, is presenting the group's answer

At the end of session, participants were divided into 5 groups and each group is given a math problem to solve and then presented to the rest for comment.

Participants were busy having discussion

For those who have missed out the workshop today, they can view the video on how to use the Equation Editor posted on another blog:

Comment from Participants:

Thank you very much for a very informative workshop today. It was definitely a great help for us to learn Mathematics in an effective way. Thank you sir.


Tahniah Dr. for the Maths 'clinic'/ bengkel .
Now....I realise , I love Maths more than I can say.


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