Saturday, September 13, 2008

Using Video to Guide BBMP1103 students

OUM Perak has pioneered another innovative approach in guiding OUM students in learning Mathematics using video lecture. The project is the brainchild of Richard Ng, Director of OUM Perak, who is also a tutor for the BBMP 1103 Management Mathematics course for the past 3 years. A series of mini lecture based on certain basic fundamental areas taken from the module developed by Open University Malaysia (OUM)were video taped and then uploaded onto YouTube.

These videos were then organized using a blog set up for the purpose of providing supplemental materials for students. The videos are good especially for weak students as it can be viewed over and over again. The video is then followed by a set of guided questions posted in the student's online forum. The students are asked to answer these questions after viewing the videos. The blog can be viewed through the following URL -->

Most popular video watched for over 100 times - the video on Inverse Matrix

This project is very important as its success will lead to improvement of teaching pedagogy and also spearhead OUM's mobile learning. Students who have iPod can donwload these videos and have them played at their own space and time. The approach will also enhanced students' grasp in the mathematics course which has been regarded as one of the difficult courses.

More than 95% of OUM students are working adults and most of these students have left schools for more than 5 years. Coming back to school after so many years to take up the math course is a big challenge for these students. Based on observations carried out over the last one year, many students have absented themselves from the final exam. Those who sat for the final exam often left in less than an hour after the exam has started.

The new approach will be able to improve on the students attendance in the exam as their confidence will be increased The students' final exam score can also be improved with proper guidance from the tutors and also with the help of these videos.

Initial feedbacks from students who have started using this new approach have been very encouraging. Here are some of their comments:


Viewed yesterday & was impressed! Great job! You're really helpful to us!

It's amazing how instructions are so much clearer when we see & hear them, instead of just reading from the module.

Jessica Choong Wai Theng

Now I can answer the assg. Q2 after watching your video, It's not easy to complete the answer but your video very helpful and understood.

Anuar Bin Mohamad Zain

Thanks Richard for providing such imformative lessons in video display

Alex Chan Chin Chee

Have downded but could play the video. these way it help us alot to understand the subject. Great job thanx for your hard work appreciated.

Vimala /P Sivapragasam

Although we have to study text book, watch video, answer question, pratise exercises from text book, can't breath sometimes.... but I feel so satisfy, this is a real meaning of learning...You are great sir...

Thank you very much

Choo Swee Peng

Your effort is definetely a great help for us. But it is also a big challenge for us as to keep up with your active momentum. Indeed you are really a proactive tutor who keeps us awake almost all the time.

Shamini Sally

Wow, Sir, what a good video, u r just like our Angel.

Tang Hui Sim

I really appreciate ur iniative in uploading the Videos Lecture. It helps a lot. I'm able to understand more detail about the Properties of Numbers. Thank You so much..

Azfazeida Binti Arshad

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