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Tea Talk Lecture Series - 1/2009 @ OUM

Posted by Richard Ng Jan 9, 2009

It was indeed an honor to be given the opportunity to kick start the Tea Talk Lecture Series on Thursday, Jan 8, for the year 2009. My sincere thanks to Prof. Zoraini and the members of the Institute of Quality, Research & Innovation (IQRI) team of OUM who have organized it very well.

Prof Zoraini, Director of IQRI, was doing the Intro before the start of the talk

The Tea Talk session was attended by members of the faculty of OUM including interested individuals and students. It was held at the Conference room of OUM main campus. The purpose of the talk is to allow me to present the award winning paper entitled "E-Mathematics: Pre-instructional and Supplemental Instruction and their impact on students' online participation and final exam score". The paper won a silver medal at the International Conference in Tian Jin, China recently, which was organized the Asia Association of Open Universities (AAOU).

The audience were listening attentively to the presentation

The medal was an honor for Malaysia and Open University Malaysia. The innovative model consists of three components; Pre-instructional Workshop, Supplemental Instruction and Online Video Support. Those who have attended the tea talk agreed that the new approach of teaching math for open and distance learners does have a great impact on students' online participation and grade improvement. The model also will increase students' confidence and retention rate.

Taking questions from the floor

The session which was started at 2.30pm ended 5.00pm. I felt very much appreciated by the audience who gave me a standing ovation at the end of my talk. My special thanks go to Prof. Abtar who was instrument in getting the project started. I also wish to thank my team members - Prof. Latifah, Prof. Ramli and Siti Farina.

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