Sunday, March 22, 2009

Preview @ Panorama Hotel Taiping

Sunday March 22, 2009

Another preview on programs offered by OUM was conducted at Panorama Hotel in Taiping today. The preview started at 2.00pm sharp.

Participants were briefed by Richard Ng

Though it was raining heavily before the start of the preview, but this did not stop 45 people from attending the preview. As usual, the preview started with a video presentation on OUM.

Ahmad Fahmi was busy handling applications from prospective students

Richard Ng, with the assistance of Ahmad Fahmi and Sharizal, conducted the preview. Participants were briefed on the programs offered at OUM and how they could qualify for the programs of their choice via Open Entry Test.

Sharizal (in Orange shirt)was busy entertaining two prospective students on about the programs offered

Participants were given opportunity to ask questions at the end of preview. Many did not hesitate to ask. Participants have shown high enthusiasm and great interest. The OUM's team were busy providing counseling to prospective students.

It was really a busy session but it is worth it.

8 participants submitted their applications for various program with many submitting in the next few days.

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