Monday, June 8, 2009

Karmen won two Gold medals in the age group SEA swimming championship

June 7, 2009

Powering forward: Cheng Karmen broke the girls’ Under-14 200m backstroke record in a new time of 2:21.79 on Friday.

Congratulation to Cheng Karmen, daughter of Cheng Keng Hak (a student of Open University Malaysia Perak Branch) who won two gold medals in the South-East Asia under-14 age group championship in KL. She also managed to break the 200m backstroke meet record enroute to her gold medal.

This is another example set by a father who is currently undergoing the Bachelor of Sports Science, who has shown his passion not only in his studies but also the sports activities of his children. Well done to Cheng Keng Hak as well.

Read the following report from the Star:


Birmingham: Results not a surprise

KUALA LUMPUR: It was no surprise to national coach Paul Birmingham Thomas that almost half of the 21 gold medals won by Malaysia to finish second overall behind Thailand in the just concluded South-East Asia (SEA) age-group swimming championships came from the Under-14 age-group.

Nine gold medals were delivered by the swimmers in the age-group and six of them were new meet records — from Adam Lim (boys’ 100m butterfly), Ian James Barr (boys’ 100m backstroke), Cheng Karmen (100m and 200m girls’ backstroke), Christina Loh (girls’ 100m breaststroke) and Hii Siew Siew (girls’ 100m butterfly).

In the Under-17 category, Sabahans Lai Wei Li and Leung Chii Lin took home four gold medals each in the girls’ competition while James Chen was the only successful male swimmer.

Malaysia only managed three gold medals in the Under-12 category and all came from the boys’ competition. Lim Ching Hwang bagged two and Tang Chong Heng won the other.

Birmingham said that it was quite a good outing for the Malaysian swimmers, considering the size of the squad.

“We have 35 swimmers compared to Thailand and Singapore, who came with much bigger squads,” said the Australian.

“We did not have the same base as these countries and some of them had to swim multiple events. They were tired when it came to the last day.

“Most of our top swimmers have not tapered for this championships because they just finished the national age-group and Malaysian Open.

“We did well in the Under-14 and that was expected as this is where a swimmer starts to develop.”



50m freestyle: 1. Benjaporn Sriphanomthorn (Tha) 27.44, 2. Jenjira Srisa (Tha) 27.95, 3. Jasmine Ong (Phi) 27.99.

50m butterfly: 1. Jenjira Srisa (Tha) 29.53, 2. Heidi Loo (Mas) 29.63, 3. Nguyen Thi Kim (Vie) 29.68.

100m breaststroke: 1. Christina Loh (Mas) 1:14.11, 2. Erika Kong (Mas) 1:14.14, 3. Chavunnooch Salubluek (Tha) 1:15.74.

200m freestyle: 1. Benjaporn Sriphanomthorn (Tha) 2:06.74, 2. Patarawadee Kittiya (Tha) 2:08.70, 3. Tran Tam Nguyen (Vie) 2:10.83.

200m backstroke: 1. Cheng Karmen (Mas) 2:21.79 (meet rec), 2. Yessy Yosaputra (Ina) 2:23.65, 3. Patarawadee Kittiya (Tha) 2:27.02.

400m individual medley: 1. Benjaporn Sriphanomthorn (Tha) 5:07.37, 2. Patarawadee Kittiya (Tha) 5:08.32, 3. Cheng Karmen (Mas) 5:13.12.

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