Thursday, June 25, 2009

Students using Skype to contact their teachers for homework and lessons - Star

June 24, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: School is out for a week but Form Five student Wong Voon Fei is hard at work, using Skype at home to contact his teachers for homework.

The student of Sri Cempaka International School in Cheras, which has been closed following two flu cases, is still attending classes via Internet.

Lessons as usual: Voon Fei discussing the school’s upcoming Fame musical with the head of multimedia Raphael through Skype. He also attends classes online through the Virtual Learning Environment platform. The school is closed for a week due to A (H1N1) cases.

“We are on Skype with our teachers to get our homework, which we have to do and submit by the due date.

“There is a timetable to follow, so I only chat on Skype with my teacher according to the subject period,” said Voon Fei at his home yesterday.

He was also online to discuss the school’s upcoming Fame musical with the head of multimedia, Raphael Hamzah.

However, a slow Internet connection prevented him from accessing the chatrooms on the school’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for his history lesson.

“Today (yesterday) is the first time the whole secondary school is using the chatrooms, so there are connection problems but it will be fine on Thursday (today),” said Cempaka Group of Schools vice-chairman Dr Iskandar Rizal.

To solve the problem, he said, the teachers and students moved their chats to Skype yesterday while the VLE was used for uploading and downloading presentations, notes and information.

Sri Cempaka is the first school in the country to adopt a one-to-one learning environment, where each child has a laptop computer and is guided by the teacher via a laptop computer as well.

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