Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Greenhill Learning Centre to replace Greentown Learning Centre

Dec 15, 2009

Learners of OUM Perak attached to Greentown Learning Centre can look forward to a new semester in January 2010 as they will be relocated to our newly furnished building which were bought 6 months ago.

YBhg Tan Sri Anuwar Ali having a chat with a group of learners before the start of the dialog session

This follows the visit by YBhg Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Anuwar Ali to Ipoh on 28 February 2009. A number of learners have brought up the issues of problems with the existing facilities. Without much hesitation, YBhg Tan Sri has instructed us to immediately look for a new premise and on the very evening itself, we went to visit the new building located near Syuen Hotel and Prof. Mansor was tasked to negotiate the price and a deal was struck.


Tanggal 28 Februari 2009 merupakan satu detik manis dalam sejarah OUM Perak kerana dapat bersua muka dengan YBhg Tan Sri Dr. Anuwar Ali (Presiden/Naib Canselor OUM), Prof. Dr. Mansor Fadzil (Naib Presiden Kanan), Prof. Dr. Latifah Abdol Latif (Pengarah Pusat Pengurusan Pelajar), Prof. Madya Dr. Widad (Dekan, Fakulti Bahasa dan Pendidikan), Prof. Madya Dr. Santhi (Pengarah, Pusat Pembangunan dan Pengurusan Tutor) serta Datin Halimatholhanin (Pengarah, CIDT) dalam satu majlis dialog bersama pelajar dan tutor.

YBhg Tan Sri Anuwar Ali addressing a group of learners during a dialog session

Prof. Mansor was responding to questions from learners

YBhg Tan Sri Anuwar Ali addressing learners at OUM Perak

The new building was bought at a cost of about RM3.5 million and renovation works cost another RM1.5 million. The decision made by the management is to overcome problems encountered by learners. With the new building, we hope learners will now be able to study in a more conducive environment.

New furniture will be moved in today in stages with PCs and other facilities installed within this month. New Jan 2010 learners will get to taste the new building when they come for registration and briefing session on January 10.

The location of the new learning centre is shown below:

Some pictures of progress work are as follows:

One of the two computer labs

The front counter

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