Sunday, December 6, 2009

OUM Northern Regional Colloquium for Tutors and Facilitators - Day 2

Day-2 Dec 6, 2009 started at 8.30am sharp with the first speaker, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Widad, the dean of the Faculty of Education and Language of OUM. Prof. Widad touched on the learners' learning experience at OUM and their expectations of our performance.

Prof. Widad took the stand for the first session

Prof. Shaari's turn to speak during the second session

The second speaker was Prof. Dr. Shaari, the dean of the Faculty of Business and Management of OUM. Prof. Shaari touched on the standard and guidelines of the new assessment practices at OUM.

Prof. Shaari led a group of tutors for brain-storming session

Another brain-storming session in progress

We then had tea break at 9.30am. At 10.00am, all the participants were gathered in their respective faculties for a group discussion and brain-storming session. Participants were given 2 hours to complete their tasks. At the end of the discussions, suggestions and ideas were collected and submitted to the management for follow-up actions.

The group from OUM Perak after the colloquium

Richard Ng, the Regional Director of Perak, were given the honor to deliver the "Thank You" speech on behalf CTMD to all speakers and participants. The 2-day session which began on December 5, were then closed by Prof. Dr. Shaari Hamid.

Group photograph with the contingent from Kedah

Contingent from Perak

Contingent from Penang

Participants were grouped in their respective region for a group photograph session. Participants then proceed for lunch before it was adjourned.

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