Thursday, October 2, 2008

Celebrating Raya with my family

Oct 1, 2008 Posted by Richard Ng

It's kind of a routine to visit my family members who were muslim on the first raya. We all gathered at my eldest brother's house, Sya Rizal (a.k.a Albert). Such occasion provides us an opportunity to catch up with what we were doing especially my niece and nephews who are now grown up.

We were served with lemang, bee hoon goreng, rendang ayam and biscuits. We were told that except for the rendang ayam, the rest are all bought. Too busy to make. Missing this time is the kuih bahulu dan the fruit cake that my niece Ena used to make. But we all have enjoyed eating and chatting after all we only meet occasionally.

Next, we will meet in my youngest brother's house, Zaidi (a.k.a Robert) where we are sure to have kuih bahulu!

Sitting from left, Udi, Rizal (my brother), me, my son Jansen. Standing from left, Tina (my wife), Ena (my niece), Joe (my nephew), and my mum.

Look at the little space that all of us occupied

I was expecting the kuih bahulu but was disappointed this time as all the bahulu were sold out according to my Sister-In-Law. Anyway, we were served with spaghetti for a change along with mee curry and nasi himpit.

My expertise in troubleshooting PC were put to test as well on this Raya as one of my anak buah Hidaya who was a first year student at UTM got stuck with her new Acer 4710 laptop. It was pretty bad and hang. The DVD drive was also stuck. The laptop doesn't start at all. This could easily cost her RM350 for repair and parts. So I took back home to troubleshoot as I have the troubleshooting software at home.

That night I called Hidaya to inform her about the fate of her laptop. I have managed to improve the start up speed and revived the DVD drive. But the harddisk looks bad. I told her to sent the laptop to a computer shop. We were supposed to meet at OUM at 2.30pm to collect the laptop today (Oct 3).

I spent some time doing some research on the Internet and found a solution to her problem. It was the setting in the CMOS for SATA type of harddisk which needs to disable AHCI. I tried and it works. So the RM350 problem is solved not forgetting the amount of data loss if a replacement is required. Phew ... It was a satisfying moment for me. Thanks to the information on the Internet posted by some good samaritans. Knowledge should be shared for mankind.

This is my niece Nana

My brother Zaidi (a.k.a Robert in red t'shirt) and all my anak buah

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