Friday, October 3, 2008

Happenings in Ipoh - Five generations home for reunion - Star

IPOH: Oct 3, 2008

Five generations of the late Dukut Maharajo gathered to celebrate Hari Raya at their family home in Kampung Seri Kepayang in Fair Park here.

At least 700 family members, some from Sudan, England, Australia, Brunei and Indonesia, converged for the reunion on Wednesday at the house Dukut once lived in.

The oldest living descendent of Dukut is Mailan Abdul Manas Ahmad Dukut, who at 97 is bed-ridden and cannot talk.

Dukut’s grandson Zaira Tak said the family had been organising the gathering since 1992.

One for the album: The family of Dukut Mahar ajo taking a group picture during their biennal gathering at the family home in Kampung Seri Kepayang in Fair Park, Ipoh.

“As it takes a lot of planning, we can only do so bi-annually,” he said, adding that the planning started since Ramadan with e-mails and other messages being sent out.

Asked whether it was a logistical nightmare to get all family members to come, Zaira said: “If not for technological advancement, it would be.”

Dukut migrated from his hometown in Sumatra to Chemor, Ipoh, as an 18-year-old in the late 1880s.

He married Halijah Imam Awang, the daughter of a religious leader from Kelantan.

Dukut died in the late 1940s but the extended family has never forgotten him.

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