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Begin with the end in mind - Stephen Covey

Posted by Richard Ng on Nov 22 2008:

The September 2008 final exam is just around the corner, Monday 24 Nov 2008 to be exact. So where are you now as far as your preparation is concerned?

* Are you ready for exam?
* Do you have a clear goal?
* Have you chart your action plan to achieve that goal?

Let me begin by quoting the second habit taken from "The Seven habits of highly effective people" by Stephen Covey - "Begin With The End in Mind".

According to Covey, the second habit is based on the principle that all things are created twice - first is the mental creation and then followed by the physical creation. The mental creation are things that happened in our environment that influence our physical creation whether through our own proactive creation or other people's agendas or circumstances or past habits.

So what you want to achieve in life or in your exam is very much depended on your personal mission. What it means is that we must have a vision or goals and then followed by action plans. Vision without action is day dreaming.

Let me share with you a simple exam strategy to help you chart your goals.

I am sure by now you are familiar with OUM's assessment system as follows:

Online Participation (OLP) = 5%
Assignment (TMA) = 35%
Mid-semester exam (Mid-Sem) = 20%
Final exam = 40%

At this period of time you should already know your OLP and Assignment marks available through your User Profile in your myLMS. And I am sure you know how you have performed during the Mid-Sem exam. The only target left is to go for Final Exam. Look at the chart below:

10-Point Plan towards attaining your goals

Example: 1

In Plan F, assuming you score the following:

OLP = 5%
TMA = 30%
Mid-Sem = 15%
Total = 50%

To score A in this subject, your final exam score must be minimum 30% out of 40%.

To score A- in this subject, your final exam score must be minimum 25% out of 40%

Example: 2

In Plan G, assuming you score the following:

OLP = 3%
TMA = 30%
Mid-Sem = 12%
Total = 45%

To score A, your final exam must be minimum 35% out of 40%

To score A-, your final exam must be minimum 30% out of 40%

To score B+, your final exam must be minimum 26% out of 40%

So whatever score you intend to achieve will depend on your action plans. What will be the action plans?

In your final exam, there are three parts: Part A (answer all questions), Part B (answer 3 out of 4 questions) and Part C (answer 1 out of 2 questions). And you know that questions in the final exam will only come our from the remaining 70% of the chapters.

Go through the past years questions and focus on those chapters from the remaining 70% of the modules. Look at the important facts and make notes. Attend any Exam Coaching or extra classes provided. Check with your friends and tutor via LMS discussion forum.

Make sure that you plan and manage your time properly. Know your exam schedule and location to overcome any anxiety. Be mentally and physically prepared for exam.

Good luck.

For OUM Perak's students, please take note that the exam will be held at 2 different centres: Jln Lim Bo Seng and MHS. Please check the announcement made in the LMS. Please ensure to print your exam slip and bring it during exam.

Arial view of MHS location

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