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Exam Coaching Workshop for BBMP 1103 @ OUM Perak

The exam coaching workshop for Management Mathematics was held on Nov 23 2008 at Open University Malaysia (OUM) Perak branch campus from 9am to 12.30pm. The workshop was conducted to assist learners in their revision and to chart a strategy towards attaining their desired goals in their final exam on Dec 16 2008.

Math workshop being facilitated by Richard Ng who is also the director of OUM Perak

Part of the learners who were attending the workshop

The workshop was facilitated by the director of OUM Perak cum tutor, Richard Ng, who have many years of experience in coaching this subject. 23 learners from various parts of Perak turned up for the workshop. Learners were briefed on the final exam format and the topics to focus. The topics to focus are as follows:

Watch the video on the workshop: (This video cannot be viewed from OUM campus in KL)

Part A: (Given 5 questions - answer all)

* Chapter 5 - Quadratic equations which include vertex point and maximum/minimum
* Chapter 6 - Logarithm
* Chapter 7/8/9 - Differentiation
* Chapter 13 - Integration

Part B: (Given 4 questions - answer any 3)

* Chapter 6 - Compound Interest/Population
* Chapter 7/8/9 - Differentiation
* Chapter 10 - Application of Differentiation
* Chapter 11/12 - Partial Differentiation

Part C: ((Given 2 questions - answer only 1)

* Chapter 13 - Integration
* Chapter 14 - Application of Integration

Learners were given sample questions to try out and the facilitator went through the answers and the techniques of answering questions with them.

Learners who aspire to score A in the coming exam

These group of learners are among the best that OUM Perak have had and in fact they are also part of a research being carried out by OUM. The research paper has won a Silver medal for OUM at the recent AAOU 2008 International Conference held in Tianjin, China.

These are the best mentors and moderators who have successfully helped their course mates i the Management Math subject. From Left: Jessica, Azie, Jamuna, Choy San, Choi Yoon and Hj Jamal.

OUM wish to thank the following learners who have been part of the research as Mentor/Moderator in online discussion forum. Their active participation and good moderation skills has help to increase the online participation to over 6,500 as at the time of writing this posting.


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