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Human Resource Management For Line Managers Training @ Equatorial Hotel Bangi

Nov 15, 2008 Posted by Richard Ng

The much awaited training on HRM for Line Managers was held at Hotel Equatorial, Bangi from 13 to 15 November, 2008. It was officiated by YBhg Tan Sri Anuwar Ali, President/Vice Chancellor of OUM. Among the VVIP present include Prof. Dr. Mansor Fadzil (Senior VP), Prof. Ir. Dr Rosli Hamir (VP), and Mr. Repin Bin Ibrahim (Senior GM, Business Development). 32 senior staffs of OUM and Meteor were selected to undergo this training.

Members of the VVIP present during the training. From Left: Mr. Repin, Prof. Mansor, Tan Sri Anuwar Ali and Prof Rosli

In his speech, Tan Sri Anuwar reminded all trainees the importance of taking good care of their subordinates as research has found that staff who left OUM are mainly due to dissatisfaction with their superior. He hope that this training will help participants understand about HR management and apply it in their workplace. He also announced that there will be some pay adjustment probably in January 2009 and advised all to strive harder to bring OUM to greater height. He wished everyone a success in the training.

Tan Sri Anuwar was delivering his opening speech

The 3-day training was organized by the HR Dept of OUM for staffs attached to METEOR group and OUM. The training was conducted by Tn Hj. Ibrahim Hassan who is an HR consultant for OUM and many other companies. The training started at 8.30pm until 11pm on the first day. Participants were asked to imagine an idol of their choice. Among the prominent idols include Roger Federer (Trainer), Rafael Nada (Dr. Tan), Kajol (Rosila), Julia Roberts (Lilian) and Dato' Sharukh Khan (Richard). After a quick ice-breaking session we were then asked to participate in the "Ring-Toss" game.

Trainer Hj Ibrahim (standing) was briefing participants

Participants in Group 4: From Right - Prof. Shaari, Prof. Kidin, Dato'. Nik Najib, Prof. Rahmah, Richard, Lilian and Rosila.

Prof. Rahmah (left), Director of CGS and Sdra Yon Rosli (right), Director of KL Learning Centers were participating in the Ring-Toss game under the watchful eyes of Prof. Kidin (far left)

Over the three days training, participants were briefed about Vision and Mission statements of OUM and how they could play their roles effectively as managers. Training were conducted through games, case studies and lectures. Participants were also required to answer questionnaires to determine their personal values as well as leadership style.

It's Puan Faizah's turn to deliver her presentation on HR Value chain.

Among the main contents of the training include understanding HRM and HR Value chain by Puan Faizah, Senior Group HR Manager of OUM. Participants were also exposed to the three Cs (Competency, Capability and Climate) model of superior HR and 7s Mackenzie's model by Tn Hj. Ibrahim. The third part of the training was about managing workforce discipline by Mr. Aresandiran (Secretary General of MIHRM).

Time to relax at the hotel lobby. From left: Dr. Tan (Director of OUM Penang), Prof. Shaari (Dean, Faculty of Business and Management), Lamjin (Director of OUM Sabah), Richard (Director of OUM Perak), Dato' Nik Najib (Director of OUM Kelantan), and Prof. Yusof (Dean, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences)

The second day of the training started at 8.3am until 11.00pm (phew ... what a long day). In between break, some of us took the opportunity to relax while waiting for the next session. As far as the venue is concerned, no complaint at all. The 5-star rating hotel was fantastic and the food was fabulous. Many were heard complaining of sto,mach uncomfortable not because the food was bad BUT they simply ate too much. Sort of torturing their stomach with all the delicious food. What not, we were served with buffet with over 100 varieties including local delicacies, western food as well Japanese food.

The winning touch of Group 4 in the block building game. Prof Rahmah (Left) and Dato' Nik (Right)

On the second night, we were asked to take part in block building game where participants from four groups will have to build building blocks blind folded using their non-dominant hand only and guided by a team leader. At the end of the game, group 4 emerged the overall champion and were awarded with a book each entitled: "The Employee Handbook of New Work Habits For a Radically Changing World" by Price Pritchett.

Directors of OUM regional Learning Centers taking group photo with trainer Tn. Hj. Ibrahim. Seated from Left: Dato' Nik (Kelantan/Terengganu), Yon Rosli (KL), Tn Hj. Ibrahim (Trainer), Richard Ng (Perak), Pn. Mazuin (Negeri Sembilan/Melaka) and Puan Munaliz (Kedah/Perlis). Standing from left: Dr. Frank (Sarawak) and Hj Izanee (Pahang).

On the last day of the training, participants were reminded about the Vision and Mission Statements of OUM. Participants were then asked to brainstorm within the 4 groupings to come out with a list of practices or processes that will fulfill the requirements of the Vision Mission statements.

Group 1 were tasked with coming out with the question: "What are we ding more of?". Group 2: "What are we doing less of?", Group 3: "What have we started doing?" and Group 4: "What have we stopped doing?" Representative of each group were then asked to present their findings.

Sdra Lamjin represented group 1 in presenting their group findings

Prof Yusof presented on behalf of Group 2

May a.k.a Michelle Yeoh, presented her findings on behalf of Group 3

And finally Rosila a.k.a Kajol, presented on behalf of Group 4

The training ended at 12.30pm and everyone then proceeded to check out of their hotel rooms as the check out time has been extended until 1pm. There was lunch again, more food again, before we say goodbye to each other. Overall I believe the training has benefited everyone and now is up to them to translate it into action plans. Everyone generally agreed that OUM is one of employees' choice. However, they hoped that HR can come out with a more transparent appraisal system which encourage productivity. The hotel was superb in terms of cleanliness, food and beverages and service.

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