Sunday, November 9, 2008

OUM's Nationwide Roadshow @ Taiping

Posted by Richard Ng, Nov 9 2008

Open University Malaysia (OUM) conducted a nation wide roadshow in order to reach out to prospective students yesterday. As usual briefings about the various programs offered were conducted by the deans and academicians at selected hotels.

Prof. Yusof was briefing participants about programs offered at OUM

In Perak, the roadshow is held at the Panorama Hotel in Taiping on November 8 and Casuarina Impiana Hotel on November 9. Prof. Dr. Yusof, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science were given the honor to meet prospective students from Perak. Also present was Ramesh, the head of the Marketing Unit of OUM.

Part of the participants who have come to find out more about our programs

Participants were shown the video on OUM. They were later presented with a slide show about OUM and courses offered by the dean himself. After the presentation, participants were split into small group for Q&A session and counseling.

Q&A session with participants

About 30 people has turned up for the preview yesterday. This is almost double than the number of people who have turned up during the September preview as at that time the nation was hit by sudden fuel price increase. My staff, Sharizal and I were also present to lend them a helping hand.

Prof Yusof was seen here briefing one of the prospective applicants

Richard Ng (right), director of OUM Perak, was briefing some of the prospective students about the nursing program offered at OUM

Six people have signed up on the spot and a few more took back the application forms to submit at a later date. It was a success in terms of sign-up compared with the attendance.

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