Thursday, June 10, 2010

PM Bentangkan RMK10 bernilai RM230 billion di Parlimen Hari ini

Jam 11.30 pagi YAB Perdana Menteri Malaysia telah membentangkan di Parlimen Rancangan Malaysia ke 10. Antara intipati penting seperti yang dipetik dari akbar The Star:

PM tables 10th Malaysia Plan

The key points of the 10th Malaysia Plan

- During the 10MP, the gross national income per capita is targeted to increase to RM38,850 ringgit, or US$12,140, in 2015. This requires achieving real GDP growth of 6 per cent per annum. Growth will be led by the services.

Gambar ehsan: Malaysiakini

- 10MP based on 10 ideas:

First: Internally driven, externally aware.

Second: Leveraging on our diversity internationally.

Third: Transforming to a high-income nation through specialisation.

Fourth: Unleashing productivity-led growth and innovation.

Fifth: Nurturing, attracting and retaining top talent.

Sixth: Ensuring equality of opportunities and safeguarding the vulnerable.

Seventh: Concentrated growth, inclusive development.

Eighth: Supporting effective and smart partnerships.

Ninth: Valuing our environmental endowments.

10th: Government as a competitive corporation.

- To achieve the aspirations of the 10MP, five key strategic thrusts have been identified.

The five thrusts are:

First: Designing Government philosophy and approach to transform Malaysia using NKRA methodology;

Second: Creating a conducive environment for unleashing economic growth;

Third: Moving towards inclusive socio-economic development;

Fourth: Developing and retaining a first-world talent base; and

Fifth: Building an environment that enhances quality of life.

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