Monday, May 16, 2011

Tutors Training @ OUM Perak (Greenhill Learning Centre)

Dr Richard Ng, Director of OUM Perak, facilitated the training cum workshop for tutors

As preparation for the coming tutorial, all tutors appointed for the May 2011 semesters have been invited to attend a 3 hours training cum workshop to improve on their quality in delivery and support to our learners.

Part of the tutors who attended the training session

The training cum workshop was held on May 15, 2011 from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. It was facilitated by OUM Perak's director, Dr Richard Ng. 83 tutors have turned up for the training where the main area covered was on how to coach and guide students to prepare for assignment. Also present was AP Dr. Safiah Yusof, the Head of E-learning OUM.

Brainstorming session were held to identify the characteristics of a good assignment

The training session was important as assignment carries 30% of the total assessment and thus tutors need to be equipped with the necessary information to help their students.

The tutors were divided into eight groups. They were given two sets of assignment and were told to brainstorm to analyze and grade the assignments. At the end of the session, the grades of the different groups were tabulated and compared.

At the end of the workshop, tutors have better understanding the features of a good assignment and have better ideas on assignments are being graded based on the rubrics used by OUM.

AP Dr. Safiah briefed tutors on assessment info

AP Dr. Safiah briefed tutors on the assessment format for May 2011 with special focus on two subjects; Professional Ethics and Entrepreneurship. She also took the opportunity to explain to tutors what is required for good tutorial session.

AP Dr. Safiah were given the honor to cut the cake

This is the cake brought in by Puan Erna for all our tutors in conjunction with Teacher's Day celebration

Before the training ended, AP Dr. Safiah was given the honor to cut the cake to signify our appreciation to all our tutors in conjunction with Teacher's Day which falls on May 16. Tutors were given a Teacher's Day treat by OUM Perak

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