Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Lunch for OUM Perak's Staff

August 31, 2008 Posted by Richard Ng

At 1.00pm, all the staff of OUM Perak gathered at Impiana Casuarina Hotel, Ipoh for the Merdeka Lunch. No, it was not meant to celebrate Merdeka but a lunch sponsored by Lions Club of Perak Silver State for the effort taken by OUM Perak in assisting and supporting the club in various community projects especially the SightFirst Project to raise fund for the poor and senior citizen to undergo cataract operations.

This is the team, "Our" team that holds the fort at OUM Perak

Most of the staff has just got back from the Kledang Hill Merdeka Walk held from 6.30am to 10am. So obviously everyone was tired, what more with another hectic day where the Tutor's Training has been scheduled in the afternoon. Yet, the spirit of togetherness that brings the staff for such an occasion is important. It was not first time we group together for lunch. At OUM Perak, teamwork is key where everyone supports each other to hold the fort together to provide the best services to all or students and tutors.

Women's power (seated from left) Pn. Siti, Cik Erna, Pn. Zura. (Standing from left) Pn. Ros and Pn. Murni

Hope, we can celebrate many more of such occasion to cultivate sense of belonging to the organization.

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