Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tutors Training @ OUM Perak

August 31, 2008

A training for our tutors was held yesterday at OUM Perak as part of a nation wide training for all OUM tutors. The objective of the training is to equip the tutors for the coming Sept 2008 semester with the latest information and updates about OUM and also to remind tutors about their roles and responsibilities.

Part of the tutors who attended the training

The training program involved a total of 4,000 tutors at a cost RM140,000. The training was conducted in two phases; the first phase involved the training of Lead Tutors in seven locations who in turn will train the rest of the tutors. With this training, OUM hopes to produce effective tutors who are responsible, caring and understand the needs of their students.

Tutors sitting for their test after the training

The training at OUM Perak yesterday was attended by 77 tutors. Training was conducted by Lead Tutor Mr. Koay and Director of OUM Perak, Richard Ng. The training began at 2.00pm. The training emphasized on the roles of tutors and their responsibilities, understanding ODL learners and their problems, importance of upholding integrity and prosfessionalism, punctuality in marking assignment and keying of marks into the Online Mark Entry System (OMES) and providing timely response to students posting in the myLMS.

Tutors having a good laugh after the results of the test were announced

Director of OUM Perak, Richard Ng, reminded tutors that they are perceived as front liners by students when these students have problems. They should assist students in whatever ways they can and if need be, provide counseling to help these students. He also pointed out that most of the complaints he received from students are concerned with student's unhappiness with inactive tutors in the online discussion forum, bias marking for OLP and Assignment.

Richard Ng, Director of OUM Perak, reminding tutors to be professional in discharging their duties and upholding their integrity

At the end of the training, the tutors were given a test to gauge their competency level. Those who fail the test will not be re-considered for future engagement with OUM. The training ends at 5.30pm.

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