Friday, August 1, 2008

OUM/Meteor Executive Retreat July 31 -1 Aug - Day 2 Part 2

Day 2 Part 2 Posted Aug 1, 2008 by Richard Ng

The afternoon training session ended at 6.00pm. The next session is a Fun and Easy session where each group is required to do a group performance based on their creativity. The group discussion ended at about 7 pm and participants then took a quick break and came back to the training hall for BBQ dinner at 8.15pm.

The group performance began at 9pm with performance on Group 1 led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mazlan who did a sketch and sang a song entitled: "Lagu 3 kupang". Group 2 which was led by Major Mat Som also performed a sketch and song by Kris Dayanty.

Performance from Group 2

Group 3 which was led by me with our performance entitled: "Rang-Awak-Tembe". Participants from 3 groups were drawn randomly and were asked to answer some easy questions. Unfortunately none of them won and they were given prizes too. Among the participants who were selected for the quiz include Major Mat Som, Sdra Arshad and Sdra Yahya Rock.

Group 2 members (from left) Mualim, Alia, Chiam, Faizah, Syahrul and me.

Participants of the quiz contest (from left) Major Mat Som, Sdra Arshad and Sdra Yahya.

Performance from Group 5 led by Sdra Yon Rosli and Dr. Wong

Group 5 also did a sketch about problems faced by a tutor during the first tutorial session

Group 5 led by Munawar and Fairolniza did a sketch based on a rude librarian

The BBQ and group performance ended at about 10.30pm. Some of us dropped by at Awana Club next door. I was very surprised to see my student Abdul Manan whom I taught in 1982 was a member of the band know as "The Freemind". So I took the opportunity to take a picture with him next to his promotion poster.

Abdul Manan on my left

Group photo with the Freemind band group members

Freemind Band in action

Manan and Band performing a number by Tom Jones

Tomorrow will be the last day of the three-day retreat and we will be off at 8am to the Paint Ball venue which is located about 1 hour from where we stay, the Awana Genting Hotel.

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