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OUM/Meteor Executive Retreat Jul 31 - Aug 1 - Day 3

Day 3 - Aug 2, 2008 Posted by Richard Ng

The Paint Ball Game

On the third and final day we all have to cross the final hurdle before we can all graduate from our rigorous training. All of us have to wake up at 6.30am and be ready by 8am. The bus took us to the Bukit Tinggi area where we will have to participate in the paintball competition. We arrived at our destination at 9.15am and were given briefing on the safety aspects of the game by the chief marshal.

We were divided into 4 groups of 8 in each group. I was in the group 1 led by Sdra Arshad and we have to compete with group 2 led by Sdra Yon Rosli. The game is about whichever team that can grab the 2 flags and bring back to their own band will win the game. But before the flag can be taken, we haveto shoot down opponent's flag. The combat area is as big as half the size of a football field with bunkers put up in certain areas. The game ended in just slightly 7 minutes. Of course my team lost because we are not able to grab our flags due to heavy shots received from the opponent.

Next game was between Group 3 and 4 and the winner was Group 3. The game was tehn followed by Group 1 and Group 4 (loser versus loser) and Group 2 versus Group 3 (winner vrsus winner). The champion was Group 3 led by Major Mat Som.

The toughest game was between OUM and the Marshals. I was among those in OUM's team. The game plan has changed where there is no law and uses long life approach where you are not out even if you are shot. The only rule is that opponents cannot shoot within the same bunker. The team that reach the band of the opponent firstwill win the game. The strategy is to shoot and run to the opponent's band.

We were only given limited pallets (bullets) and of course the game started off cautiously in order to save the bullets. Then suddenly everyone started to shoot and run. The marshal team ran into our camp first and I was shot in the process when they came into our bunker. I got 4 shots on my butt from our opponent from behind and within our bunker. Of course this is a foul. Realizing that they were penalized, I ran straight into the enemy's territory and touched their band and the game was over and we won.

I do not have the pictures with me at point of writing but will upload it once I received from my team members. But I would like to share with you the shots I received as follows:

The game was good. Was it really painful? The answer is yes if the shot received is within 10 feet and that was what I received. But it was fun and tiring.

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